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First Year Engineering NANO Team Uses Twitter to Update and Entertain

We’re talking about the convergence of honors students, a leading-edge technology topic, and the immediacy of social media – all rolled up into an awesome, competitive experiment.

Ohio State University first-year FEH Nanotechnology design teams, aka Cell Entrapment and Novel Sensing Endeavors (CENSE) teams, are tasked with a project related to microfluidics.

Each CENSE team must create a microfluidics “lab-on-a-chip” device to investigate the effect of micro-scale surface features or some variable of its choice related to yeast cell adhesion.

The three member NANO TeamTeam members (left to right): Rishika Raj Akula, Katie Richardson, and Savannah Coffey 

Team Y4, in Dr. Grzybowski’s class, decided to create a Twitter page to document its investigation in a more creative way.

The Twitter, dubbed “Yeastie Boys,” tracks the experiment’s progress from the perspective of the yeast cells. The Twitter account provides updates every few days about the project, as well as some tweets containing yeast puns.

By engaging a Twitter account, Team Y4 is having fun, finding out all sorts of yeast-isms they never knew, and incidentally also documenting their progress to the world via Twitter.

Follow Team Y4 @YeastyBoys

Attend the 13th Annual FEH Research Showcase on April 26th from 12:00 to 3:00pm in the Ohio Union Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom. 

Admission is free and parking is available in the Ohio Union Parking Garage for an hourly fee.

The public showcase will feature the first-year FEH Nanotechnology design teams or Cell Entrapment and Novel Sensing Endeavors (CENSE) teams.