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First Year Engineering and Business Top-Performers Receive Valuable Feedback From Industry Judges

The end-of-semester Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) event was a memorable experience for 36 business and engineering first-year students this year thanks to the evaluations they received from a panel of seven judges.

IBE first year students with Peter Rogers at 2016 EventFIrst year IBE student team with Dr. Peter Rogers at the April 22, 2016 Event.These students represent some of OSU’s top performers selected from hundreds of applicants.  This course is one of a pair of freshman engineering courses specifically tailored to this multidisciplinary cohort and is one of the students’ core requirements to achieve upon graduation an honors distinction in IBE.

The course focuses on user-centered product development and team-oriented experiential learning.  This year’s cohort benefitted from near-instant model making using our department’s sophisticated rapid prototyping equipment made available through a private grant from Nelson Kohman.  These working prototypes provide realistic interaction and feedback with end users suffering from arthritis.

Contact Dr. Peter Rogers for more information about the Honors Integrated Business and Engineering program.