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First Year Engineering and Business Students Demonstrated Business Planning Abilities

IBE Honors:  Preparing First Year Engineers and Business Students to be Professionals of the Future

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The Ohio State University College of Engineering, in partnership with the Fisher College of Business, offers a unique program that meets the growing need for business savvy engineers and engineering savvy business professionals.

Female and male IBE students demonstrating their prototype.IBE students demonstrating their prototype design at the 2014 IBE Showcase. Phtoto credit Cedric SzeEach year, the IBE Honors Program offers 36 honors students the opportunity to participate in an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous program that encourages students to reach their full intellectual and personal potential.

The program is strategically designed to develop the ability to communicate across business and technical domains and the ability to enact a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving—similar to that required in most businesses.

This year, the multidisciplinary teams developed a hand-held product for people with arthritis. The focus of the class is active learning (interfacing with end users and innovating, modeling, and prototyping in the lab).  Every team made meaningful use of our newly acquired rapid prototyping equipment—making it possible to verify their designs and validate them with end users.

How are Students Selected for IBE?

IBE faculty advisors select applicants based on academic potential, extracurricular experience, and responses to the IBE application process.  Two primary goals of the selection process are to determine the potential for the student to excel in a demanding program and the ability and willingness to work on teams in a constructive and professional manner.

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