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Robot Design Team Competition April 9, 2016, Recreation & Physical Activity Center (RPAC)

The Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors (FEH) robot competition will showcase the innovation and engineering skills teams used to design robots to meet the specifications of this year’s challenge.

The event is the culmination of a challenging semester-long design-and-build project for freshmen honors students that puts their new engineering skills to the test and gets them excited about the field of engineering.

2016 Robot Design Scenario

Course design is a pinwheel shape with obstacles to overcomeThe 2016 Robot Competition Course "A group of workers at the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors Space Administration (FEHSA), a research and exploration collaborative, have designed and built a rocket for space exploration. Most launch preparation tasks can be performed by human personnel; however, a designated safety zone surrounding the rocket itself (known as the spaceport) contains hazardous and sensitive materials. 

FEHSA believes it would be safest and most efficient if an autonomous robot were used to complete necessary preparation tasks inside the spaceport." 

The Robots' Tasks

The autonomous robots must perform several tasks including initializing communications systems by toggling several switches, delivering supplies to the launch pad, activating the system for loading the rocket with fuel, and signaling the start of the launch sequence. 

The time limit for this exercise is two minutes.  The robots are limited in size to a 9" by 9" footprint.  The course that simulates the Base of Operations is approximately 12' by 12' in size.

To Attend

The public is invited to attend the 22nd Annual FEH Robot Competition at the OSU RPAC facility on Saturday, April 9th. 

Doors open for the round robin tournament at 12:00 noon.  The single-elimination tournament of the competition will start at 4:00pm.  Admission is free.  Parking is available at the Neil Avenue Parking Garage or the Tuttle Park Place Parking Garage at an hourly rate.  

The competition is sponsored by donations from industry partners and sponsors.

Visit here for more about the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors program.