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StubEngineering 1282.0xH Offerings

Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors II – Robotics

This course introduces students to 3D visualization and Computer Aided Design (CAD).  The students learn how to create sketches by hand and how to model parts and assemblies in Dassault SolidWorks.  Through a robotics design and build project, the students further their understanding of the engineering design-build process, improve their team working skills, and practice their oral and written presentation skills in a group setting.

Each year, a different theme is introduced for the robot competition.  Students work in four-person teams, and each team is required to build a small, autonomous robot that is capable of performing several tasks.  The 11 week design project culminates in a public competition in which all robots compete, earning points for each task completed correctly, within the time limit.  Each team of students is expected to thoroughly document the robot design using formal reports, oral reports, design schedules, and technical drawings.

Robot competitionRobot before and afterA before and after model: