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Engineering 1282.02H

Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors II – Nanotechnology

Student looking in a microscopeThis course introduces students to 3D visualization and Computer Aided Design (CAD).  The students will learn how to create sketches by hand, as well as how to model parts and assemblies in Dassault SolidWorks.  Through a nanotechnology research and development project, students further their understanding of the engineering research and development process, improve their team working skills, and practice oral and written presentation skills in a group setting.

Students are presented with a research hypothesis and must design and fabricate a “lab-on-a-chip” to perform experiments that test the hypothesis.  Each lab-on-a-chip will include micro-scale flow channels and nano-scale surface features.  In addition to the nano-scale design project, students are expected to perform research outside of class, and to use extensively the software available to them for lab-on-a-chip analysis.  Each four-student team is expected to thoroughly document the development of the project through formal reports, engineering drawings, and presentations.